Shane Vandegrift

(aka Vandesm14)

About Me

Hello! I am Shane, an 18 yo. Nodejs full-stack web developer. I enjoy creating useful full-stack applications large and small. Alongside my interest for web development, I have a similar interest in the multimedia field. This includes things like composing music, editing photos, writing articles, and working in the media booth at my church. I am very thankful for my interest in programming and multimedia as they both relate to eachother.

"I'm not giving up, I'm just taking a break...a long one."
~ Shane Vandegrift

Discord: Vandesm14#3364
Twitter: Vandesm14
Github: Vandesm14 Vandesm14




During my first week of High School, it was challenging adapting to the bell schedule. I tried setting a timer for each period, but it got teidious after a while. I though to myself "Why can't this be automated? It's a super simple task, just countdown to the end of each period". So that's what I did. I have happily recieved tons of feedback and support from over 600 users. Currently, I have been working hard to create a unified version for any school to use. This is still in the making, but it is definitely a promising concept!



A blog is a very important site to have if you're a developer. It's a great place to share your experiences and discoveries with the world. It took me a while to create the perfect one. Each time I'd create one, it'd either go silent after a week, or not be enough to suit my needs. My current blog, however, is a combination of trial and error with tons of planning.



For a while on, there was a boom in shared chatroom applications. I began with basic one which was mostly a direct clone off of the example, except that it had chatlogs. Feeling ambitious, I redid the server-side to support logless chatting, which made it more stable. A few months later I wanted to make another chatroom which was secure, fast, and intuitive (everything that the other one wasn't). I call the finished project: LowChat, a sleek and modern chatting application.